Newbie Cat

Black Magic Hard at Work

 I have a trusty sidekick in my black cat Mr. Magic. This morning, he lazily stretched out on my keyboard while I typed away. As he lay there, I came across a video about a new breed of cat, Selkirk Rex. This newbie to the cat world has a fluffy curly coat.  I couldn’t help but wonder what Mr. Magic thinks about this strange ball of fur.

selkirk catI think it looks like a mad scientist spliced a toy poodle’s genes with a cat’s, and I’m pretty sure Mr. Magic agrees. However, Selkirk Rex is not the result of human meddling, but of a natural mutation.  After taking a second look, I decided these cats are actually pretty cool. Before today, I don’t think I had ever seen a curly haired feline. While they might be fun to look at, I don’t think these cats would last very long if they came up against Mr. Magic in a dark alley, outside the walls of Wichita, Kansas in Twist.