Are You Syrias???

U.S. military attack on Syria? Are you serious? Haven’t we seen this movie before?

Ok, first of all, we’ve announced to the world that this will be a limited military action — no ground troops – so the Syrians, who are bat-shit crazy anyway, can feel secure in planning how they’ll vent their rage after we have “punished” them.

Since they have no moral restraint in the first place – proven by their use of chemical and other weapons to slaughter each other by any means possible – they will obsessively pursue retaliation for our annoying and ineffectual interference.

Do we think we will teach them a lesson and they will reform their behavior, like errant schoolboys? They couldn’t care less what we want or think.

So the plan is not to crush them, just irritate the shit out of ‘em. Like taking the first pill or two, then discontinuing your ten-day course of antibiotics – just enough to kill off a few of the weaker bacteria, while building up the strength and resistance of the strong. Or like bitch-slapping a hornet’s nest — if you don’t empty your entire can of insect spray into it and kill the pesky little rascals from the get-go, you’re gonna get stung.

Threatening Syria with “limited military action” for disobeying the rules? We’d better get ‘Syrias’ about our threats and be prepared to act as the Romans did toward Carthage: burn and sack their cities, kill or enslave every man, woman and child, and sow the ground with salt. Otherwise, don’t mess around.

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