Creatively and Deliciously Eating Your Words

Hot coffee, sizzling bacon, steaming eggs, melting chocolate, and crisp bread.

Gothic 21 Condensed, Times, Comic Sans, and Courier New.

Until today, I had no idea in hell how these two lists related to each other: food and fonts.

Click-click-click: this is the sound that pours out of my keyboard while I write, well type… Strange isn’t it? I see my words, thoughts, and imaginations pop up on a screen, not in my illegible scrawl, but in Cambria. Have you ever searched through the copious amounts of fonts on your word processor? There are bold fonts, cursive fonts, curvy fonts, tiny fonts, and gibberish fonts. What is the purpose of all these fonts? Surely no human being could ever use them all, or even want to. Apparently, I am not the only loon out there who wastes cranial energy thinking about such things. According to The Huffington Post, a new purpose for this plethora of typed calligraphy is food. Someone looked at all these fonts, and decided they wanted to creatively and deliciously eat their words!

Kotryna Zilinskiene and Migle Vasiliauskaite, and Vytenis Zilinskas and Linas Mikoliūnas created a menu that paired their favorite fonts with their favorite cuisine. They cooked the food, served it, and gave a font history lesson in the process.

Here is a taste of their creativity.

1 kava-maz (1)coffee

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