He Was a She

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Spoiler alert: If you are reading my little blog before you’ve read Twist, it may ruin a few surprises. Also, if you have not yet read it, some of this won’t make much sense. So, please read Twist before proceeding.

Well, it’s my turn on Myron’s blog again. I talked about the 1970’s and Perfect Fingers last week, but just to keep everyone on his or her toes, I am going to switch gears again, and return to Twist. So let’s talk about Kit.

Kit is a swinging kicking mystery wrapped up in a slightly crazy dark shell. In my Female Tropes blog I focused on Kit’s relationship with Adam and how that disrupts sexist themes, but today I want to talk about what her whole persona embodies. From the first time she sings, “Somewhe-e-ere over the rainbow”, I knew Kit was going to be great.

When we meet Kit we are deceived.

“He disarmed and scattered the gang of kids…He knocked me off balance…He came at me and threw me again… He dropped the knife…I saw his face. He was a she.”


For two whole pages Kit fought off street kids, pinned Adam, and of course was assumed to be a man. After hearing her high voice, Adam allows the thought  that she is a young boy defeating him enter his head. But does the idea that a woman is besting him penetrate his ego? Nope! Adam, like me, was surprised to find that this samurai was a woman. The fact that this is even a surprise to us is something to ponder. Why do we assume that a person who can fight, comes to the rescue, and is wearing dark shapeless clothing is a man? I’m sure there’s a complex, lengthy, and confusing sociology answer to that, but lets keep it simple: that’s all we ever see.

Even fictional characters tend to be confined by the conforming boxes we‘ve built into society. However, Kit is a character who takes her knife to that box.She is not a one-dimensional heroine who fights off bad guys in a tight skirt. In fact, she is wearing a shapeless black robe, and why not? It never makes sense to me in books, movies, or TV shows when a female character is fighting someone in a pushup bra, leotard, and high heels. Yes, that was a dig at you Superwoman.

Well, that’s all folks. Let me know what you think of Kit below. Also, I will be going on a little hiatus for a few weeks, but if you have any ideas for blogs to come,post here or on the Facebook Page. I will see you soon, but not too soon.

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