Twister Epidemic: Monster Oklahoma Tornado Kills 51

Take a look at this news articles on the current twister epidemic in the Midwest: The headline reads “Monster Oklahoma tornado kills 51.”
Could my novel, TWIST, be prophetic? From the blurb on the back cover: “Wichita, Kansas, in the year 2075. Global warming has triggered a world-wide depression. The ozone layer is depleted, the land parched and ravaged by tornadoes.” And from the pages of the novel itself, in the words of the protagonist, Adam Twist: “Yes, the weather was getting more vicious, hostile, and unpredictable all the time. We had been warned about ozone depletion, pollution, deforestation, and all that. But talking about it was one thing—trying to live with it was something else… We had screwed up the weather in almost every imaginable way, but the tornadoes were the worst. I hated the tornadoes.” Be afraid — be very afraid!