No Substitute For The Almighty Bean!

Here it is, straight from Adam Twist, protagonist of my novel Twist: “My hands shook as I lifted the cup of delicious black liquid from the hissing espresso maker and took a slug of the double shot. I set the cup on the desk and looked out the window at the empty surface of the Wall. It was soothing to watch, like a blank television screen. I waited for the bean to take effect.”
Yeah, he’s serious about his bean! So, let’s talk coffee.
Not the cups of milk, cream, sugar, and syrup you see everywhere, but a real cup of rich Columbian coffee. Whether it’s the allure of the dark glossy beans, or the blissful aroma of a fresh brewed cup of Joe, nothing is better than waking up and pouring a hot cup of the delicious liquid caffeine. Now, not all caffeine was created equal. According to Adam Twist, “Tea was no substitute for the almighty bean.” And according to The Huffington Post, he was right. The almighty bean has more benefits than its heavenly taste. Coffee may help strengthen your muscles and your DNA, improve your skin, and even make you smarter. But wait — what about the awful coffee withdrawal we’ve all experienced? First, you think you’ll be fine; it’s just a cup of coffee you’re missing, right? And then the withdrawal sets in, the dark and twisted evil twin of that delicious brew. But, not to worry, the fix is easy – just pour yourself another cuppa.
Whether you’re in it for the sweet relief from caffeine withdrawal, the health benefits, the taste or the caffeine jolt, there’s only one thing left to do: find the nearest source of java and dive in, mouth first.

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