Open Your Mind

Whether I’m reading or writing, I have always enjoyed literary fiction. Escaping into a different world, a different mind, and a different person has always been something I relish. Whether it’s writing about being a private detective in the the future or reading about Scout Finch, there is something wondrous about escaping into the world of fiction. Scientists have recently done a study showing that there is a lot more than pure enjoyment when it comes to reading fiction. According to a recent article, “Exposure to literature,” the researchers write in the Creativity Research Journal, “may offer a (way for people) to become more likely to open their minds.” The next time you are reading and start feeling guilty about neglecting other responsibilities, just remember that with every page you turn you are opening your mind and improving your thinking!

2 thoughts on “Open Your Mind

    • To me, it makes perfect sense that higher education needs to look for people who have an open mind, instead of one that is closed and too focused on one point of view.

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