Our Dystopian Present

When we think about global warming and climate change what often comes to mind are visions of smog covered cities, toxic polluted rivers, and giant gaping holes in the ozone. However, I think we all tend to forget the scariest consequences of global warming: people starving to death because of famine, extreme tornadoes and storms, villages flooding, and the livelihood of hundreds threatened. A report came out today, from the World Bank, laying out a grim future. It said that a rise in temperature by 2° Celsius, in the near future, may hold people in extreme poverty, cause massive food shortages, create droughts in India and Sub-Saharan Africa, increase flooding and extreme drought in South Asia, and bring severe storms to South East Asia. According to the report, the people who will suffer the most from these climate changes are those that are already struggling with poverty. Not only that, but those that will experience these hardships had little to do with causing climate change. It seems unjust that because of environmental damage caused by wealthy industrial nations, those in poorer developing nations are going to suffer. All of these predictions sound like a scene right out of Twist. I hope the words of my novel don’t come true, but according to the new report the year 2075 may not be that far off.

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