Shape-shifting Soldiers From Another Dimension????

Not really. Just wanta talk about the music in my novel Twist. In 2075, how will we get our groove on? There are only a few mentions of music in the novel: soothing background music in the exotic office of the Great Man, Montrose; a string quartet playing beautiful music in that whack-job Sal’s account of murder at a garden party; and in a crappy juke-joint outside the protecting Wall of Wichita, the “classic” music of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Mick Jagger.
But what about the movie soundtrack? Unlike electronic Vangelis in the high-tech future of Blade Runner the film adaptation of dystopian Twist will feature a retro jazz and R&B soundtrack. Check out Ray Charle’s rendition of THE DANGER ZONE (“…the world is in an uproar, the danger zone is everywhere…”) You might be able to give it a listen at

One thought on “Shape-shifting Soldiers From Another Dimension????

  1. Probably if someone were to make a cross-section list of the coolest music ever, these artists would be on it. But you need to make room in your book for the smooth groove of Coltrane, the orchestral achievements of Meatloaf (seriously, it soars!) and …consider this…early Prince just for the quirky-funky-didn’t know it was possible-ness of what he did. You ever listen to his background effects? Dimensional!

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