Watch Out New Yorkers

If you live in New York anywhere near the coast line you may want to build some flood walls, soon! According to The New York Times,  the New York City Panel on Climate Change reported that “the sea levels will rise four to eight inches by that time,(the 2020s) with a high-end figure of 11 inches.” Sea levels could rice by 11 inches in a decade, that’s terrifying!  If that can happen in 10 years what’s going to happen in 50? If impending flooding doesn’t scare you, then the rising prices of flood insurance may. Apparently more than one million structures are now going to need more flood insurance. Oh, it gets worse, the panel also said that if another storm like Sandy hits, the damage could be much much worse. So like I said, whether it’s the fear of flooding, being gouged by the insurance companies, or another massive storm, you New Yorkers may want to take care.