Women and Myron

Sharla Here!

Hello fellow readers! So, Myron will not be blogging today, but I will! Who am I? Well, I am Sharla of course!

This might seem a little strange, to have someone else blogging on Myron’s website, but let me explain.

I have been working with Myron this summer, and am a college student majoring in Women and Gender Studies. Now, if you’ve read Twist, you know that there are a lot of women’s issues that come up. Some of the most obvious issues are the violence directed at Sal and Dora; however, Twist contains a plethora of other material to draw on. While Myron and I share some interests we are also very different — being 20 years old, a women, and a gender studies major, I obviously have different views and perspectives from Myron. All three of his novels, Twist, Perfect Fingers, and Habits intertwine gender relationships into their plot lines. After some discussion, Myron has graciously agreed to let me write a blog once a week about his novels and the female characters in them.  Are you excited yet, because I am! This blog is a chance for me, and you, to talk about the portrayals and roles of women, as well as gender relationships in Myron’s books and society. So, next week begins my segment: Women and Myron. If you have any questions or issues you would like me to discuss please comment here!  Check back on the website or Myron’s Facebook Page for updates.

I’ll see you guys next week!


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